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Back in Business!

As I know plenty of you are aware, things have ground to a bit of a halt over the past couple of weeks don't panic, everything's fine. But a combination of factors meant that the group's been a bit under staffed. If your submission has yet to go through, please don't note/comment the group, all that's doing is making our job to catch up harder. I know that a fair few submissions have expired and I'm painfully aware that I promised this wouldn't happen again. If you could just carry on as normal, submitting as normal, you will find requests from the group to add those expired documents. Simply click 'yes'. It will take a bit longer for mature submissions through because we only have one staff member currently over the age of 18. All I can ask is that you be patient with us and not over load our message centres with questions about why a submission hasn't gone through. Any other queries are, of course, welcome.

New Staff

Due to the obvious need for a larger team, I am once again asking for volunteers to help staff the group. If you fit the following description please send a note to the group requesting to become staff.
:bulletred: You have a love for romantic prose and/or poetry (preferably both).
:bulletred: You have enough time to read through submissions.
:bulletred: You do not have any prejudices against any form of fanfiction, homosexual relations or poetry.
:bulletred: You are fluent in English.
We would also ask that you are over the age of 14, but as we have no way of checking and online age is measured in maturity not years, this is up to your own discretion. Just be aware that not all submissions will have the right warning on them.

Contest News!

I'm sure this is the bit you've all been waiting for! As you know, the contest closed just under a week ago so no more entries will be accepted under any circumstances. You can still submit them to the group, but they will not be entered into the contest. The judging has already started and, while I can't give you a deadline with when it will be done, we're doing our best to read through them and decide which one's the best. There are so many fab entries you guys have all made it incredibly difficult to chose the best. So congrats to everyone who entered.


As always, if there are any donations that you'd be willing to give the group, we are very grateful to you. Anyone who has donated a prize to the contest, you will be contacted once the winners are announced. Donations for prizes are still open, so it's not too late to offer a reward to the winners.

Thank you, once again for your patience. My sincerest apologies,

With huge thanks to TehGray whose help has been invaluble. :heart:
More Journal Entries






Submission Rules

Please take a moment to check where your story goes and if it's appropriate for this group. All submissions will be checked before they're accepted.

Contest Submissions: Are to go in the Featured Folder. If you can't for whatever reason submit to the Featured folder, submit to uncertain, then note the group. Good luck!

:bulletred: All stories MUST have a romantic aspect to them. Romance doesn't have to be the main focus of the story, but there has to be an element involved.
:bulletred: If you're submitting something that has multiple chapters, not every chapter has to have romance in it.
:bulletred: All submissions must comply with dA rules. We will report any inappropriate content. For more info, visit the FAQ. Specifically Adult Content
:bulletred: The Uncertain folder should only be used if you're really not sure where your fic should go.
:bulletred: If you used one of the prompts, make sure you have said so in your Author's Notes so that we can place a copy in the Featured folder.

For the full rules, See Here.

Featured - All contest entries.
Uncertain - Stories that have been accepted but not sorted yet.
Drabbles - One-shots less than 3000 words long.
One-Shots - One-shots more than 3000 words long.
Short Multi-Chapters - Stories 2-5 chapters long.
Long Multi-Chapters - Stories 6+ chapters long.
100Themed - Anything inspired by the 100themes.
Mature Content - Anything with a strict warning on it.
FanFiction - Anything using someone else's characters.
Poetry - Poetry of all forms to be submitted here.
Illustrations - Pictures based of characters/scenarios from a story already at the group.
M-M and F-F - Everything with same sex relationships and/or threesomes.

(Consider M-M and F-F first, then Mature Content, then FanFiction, then 100Themed)

Please don't hesitate to ask.



xWritersUtopiax Has their first contestthemed on freedom/entrapment. Click Here for more info.

The-Writers-Review Have two contests going on at the moment, check out their blog for more info.

YoungPoets are holding their first contest at the end of the month, so please check out their blog for more information!


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Why are same-gender romances separated from opposite-gender romances?
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Is this group active? My submissions expired :(
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Is this group still active?
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